Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Move to the Left, Move to the Right, Stand up, Sit down, Fight, Fight, Fight!

Those who feel Barack has moved too far away from the left have to understand the idea that Barack has to get elected before he can accomplish anything. We will not always agree with everyone of his positions as the campaign goes on, but I, for one, trust this man to make the right decisions to get elected, and then make the right decisions for our country once he is in office. His basic values and principles remain the same as when we first joined the campaign, and they will remain throughout his terms as President of the United States. If he needs to refine a policy, that only shows good leadership, because nothing ever remains constant. Don't listen to those who use words such as "flip-flop" and "backtrack" because they come from Republicans trying to cause dissent among us. Stay true! Trust! Believe!

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