Thursday, July 17, 2008

Barack's Trip Overseas - Will it Improve his Standing in the Foreign Policy Polls?

I'm feeling very positive about Barack's trip overseas to Europe and the Middle East. It should give him tons of television coverage in countries that overwhelmingly support Obama for President in 2008. The campaign is expecting huge crowds in Europe where he will stop in Paris, London & Berlin, where his speech might be given at the site of the Brandenburg Gate, which stands where the Berlin wall once stood (plans not finalized, yet) and where former US President Ronald Reagan gave a famous speech in 1987 asking then-Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down" the Berlin Wall.

The International Herald Tribune in Europe reports:
Barack Obama's popularity extends far beyond Iowa and into the heart of Central Europe. Germany has swiftly developed a serious case of Obama-mania. Obama's high standing goes beyond his opposition to the Iraq War, which has always been unpopular here. The sudden crush is intimately bound up with the near constant comparisons here between the young senator from Illinois and President John F. Kennedy - still admired in Germany and particularly in Berlin - which have stuck fast as his identity in the German press.
The Berliner Morgenpost over the weekend ran with the headline, "The New Kennedy." The tabloid Bild went with, "This Black American Has Become the New Kennedy!"

John McCain is berating Obama for coming up with a strategy before he visits Iraq and Afghanistan (even though McCain's strategy for Afghanistan all of a sudden sounds suspiciously exactly like Barack's.) Here's a memo from newly titled "Senior Strategist for Communications and Message" Robert Gibbs, painting McCain in the deep purple of confusion:

The self-professed candidate of “straight talk” and “experience” who changed his position on gay adoption, adopted Senator Obama’s position that we need more troops in Afghanistan after having resisted taking that position, flip-flopped on whether he’d send U.S. or NATO troops (he actually offered three different explanations on where those additional troops would come from), and referred to a country, Czechoslovakia, that hasn’t existed since 1992 for the second time in two days!

Obama will also be visiting Israel and Jordan.

I have confidence that our candidate will come out of this experience showing that he has a handle on Foreign Policy issues. Our changing world needs Barack Obama!

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