Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The article below this one, published a few days ago in the German Magazine, Der Spiegel, had al-Maliki agreeing with Obama's 16 month withdrawal plan. Shortly after, it was reported that this was inaccurate as the translation must have been wrong (The White House had made a few calls). Then Al-Maliki once again stated that the Iraqis goal is to have the U.S. troops out by 2010, which incidentally coincides with Barack Obama's plan.
I don't know how you all feel about this, but reading between the three events, I congratulate whoever re-translated the interview and found it to be accurate! For too long, Bush & his people have been able to twist the truth with no accountability. How about their new phrase, "Time Horizon?" What a joke! They have been able to invent words and phrases, repeat them over and over until they become part of the American conversation. Another example, "The Surge"! Wasn't that a Bushism for escalation?
Maybe because he is on a short stick, the Decider is finally being vetted!

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