Friday, September 5, 2008

Letter From a Blogger

I received this very important email from a blogger on and I want to share it and my response with you.

From: Traugott, Kenneth Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 12:12 PMTo: Diversity4ObamaSubject: [DiversityforObama] FW: TAKE ACTION!

I appreciate all the info that everyone is distributing in response to the RNC and about the campaign in general. I just wanted to make one point. It has been touched on before, but is worth repeating:
The bottom line is that every one of us needs to make a pledge right now to do at least one of the following things every day from now until the election:
Donate to the campaign
Make a phone call on behalf of the campaign
Canvass / knock on a neighbor’s door to talk about Barack
Write a letter to the media
Display your Obama banners, buttons, apparel, bumper stickers, etc.
Organize a meeting or rally - it doesn’t need to be huge, just get people together and get them talking
Of course, communicating through the listservs is essential so that we are exchanging necessary information and helping to educate each other, but that can’t be your only action. We need to make sure that we’re getting outside of the Obama bubble and reaching out to the undecided voters. They are the ones we need to educate and turn on to Obama’s message because they are the ones who will decide this election!

Who’s with me?!


I agree, Ken. For a while now, I’ve been worried that we are “preaching to the choir” too much. Did you know that the people Carl Rove put in charge of the internet site and blogs for McCain, have a strategy for exactly that? They expected the Obama bloggers to stay busy blogging within their own groups. They put Trolls into our groups to start blogs that would have no effect on voters, cause chaos and waste our valuable time as we react and email them back. Check out and you will see that this one site lists Daily Kos (a liberal site) to troll on, and there are many more. It is time to pull ourselves off of the internet after an hour or two of gathering information we can use, and get busy campaigning to people face to face, by phone, or by letter, contact our local campaign offices to see what we can do, sign up people to vote, etc.! I know this is harder work, but we must do it to win. Time is short!!!
I pledge to do one of your list each and every day. In fact, I’m going to post the list on my fridge as a reminder!

Readers, Make a list like the one above and hang it on your Bulletin Boards or refrigerators and make a pledge to do some of the activities every day until the election! Or, email me and I will send you the list to print.

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