Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes We Can!!!!! Yes We Can Make a Difference!!!

We can make a difference! A week or so ago, I received a blogger's list of major Television Network Email addreses. I had already been emailing Morning Joe, Race to the Whitehouse, and other shows on MSNBC, but this list gave access to producers, show directors, and show hosts from many stations. I realized how unhappy many of the bloggers were with Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan on MSNBC, and of course, Fox Noise! So I included the list of addresses in a blog to about 60,000+ members of the 20 groups I belong to on I was amazed at the result! The past few days I have received hundreds of emails from people who decided to email the MSNBC station and other stations as well. Well done, Bloggers!! Yes We Can!!!
There is another tactic we must take to make a difference. When we blog, we are mostly blogging within our own Democratic sites to fellow Democrats who are already voting for Obama. It is a great place to share ideas and tactics, get important info, communicate successes, etc. Many of us spend hours each day blogging, which gets me to my point. I'm sure you've noticed the trolls, who respond to messages with Republican talking points and harsh criticism. I had heard on Air America that the Carl Rove Team had set up a strategy to do that very thing, and a fellow blogger sent me one of the web sites that details the strategy. Check it out at

Their goal was to create chaos within the Dems' sites figuring we would waste much time responding to these idiotic messages. Just as Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough do on MSNBC, these trolls rile us up and we spend valuable energy on them. We need to inflitrate the Republican Blogsites and start responding to their messages with our own talking points, refute the lies and smears they are spreading, and create a little chaos ourselves. We have to throw back their tactic right at them!
I decided to join some Republican blog groups, and will start working on this over the weekend when John McCain announces his VP pick, and throughout the Republican Convention and up to the election. Will you join me? We Can Make a Difference! If anyone knows where we can get the Democrat's Daily talking points, please let me know.
And, I do believe that a great response to the Republican Trollers is No Response at all or a one word response such as RIDICULOUS! Lets not waste our time on them!

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